About us

Monster lake trout and Great Slave Lake, a unique fishing experiment under the midnight sun or northern light. This is my suggestion for stupendous catches and unforgettable memories. The former infantry captain with the Canadian Forces, Jocelyn Demetre, now owner-operator of Hero Lodge on the Great Slave Lake, will make your trip unforgettable. A body of water that he have been roaming sine 2011. Just like he did, you will fall in love with the world’s ninth largest lake and the deepest in North America.

Figure yourself departing from Yellowknife aboard a fishing boat towards stocked fishing Northern landscapes. Unbelievable fish in the crystal clear and deep-water of the East Arm and sparring worthy of the 60th parallel… Sleep under the midnight sun in a prospector’s tent kept away from predators on a spectacular rocky island. An experience that can leave no outdoors amateur indifferent. During the summer, fishing time is maximized with 18-20 hours of sunlight allowing you the catches you have always dreamed of.

This is Yellowknife! Come and join me, I will guide you personally aboard my boat geared for your dream fishing. Trolling or light casting, you will not disembark without your personal lot of releases. Tread the grounds of the gold rush and join me to draft a page in your life history roaming the realm of the never setting sun. Ice fishing are available from January to end of March.